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What sets us apart - dB Noise Reduction


At dB Noise Reduction we offer you the full scope of services and
deliverables from the beginning to end of your project


Application analysis

Our team at dB Noise Reduction has the hands on experience in analyzing complicated noise control problems and coming up with feasible solutions that can be implemented economically. Our up-front customer service begins with:

  • Acoustic analysis
  • Applications engineering
  • The customized selection of silencer and noise control equipment to fit the application


Design and fabrication

Our production organization is setup to execute projects ranging from $100 in size, to million dollar projects with extensive product specifications and quality control requirements. Our capabilities include:

  • Products designed in accordance with all customer requirements
  • Timely fabrication of products with two manufacturing locations (plant production capacity totalling 60,000 ft2)
  • Fully certified welded construction and sheet metal fabrication available at both manufacturing locations
  • Project manager assigned, and available for customer questions, on every project


Quality control and delivery

At dB Noise Reduction we are committed to following through on every aspect of your project including:

  • Documented quality control carried out on all jobs for guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Fast, dependable, on-time product delivery
  • Complete after sales service and a comprehensive product warranty on every job

Turn-key product installation

Turn-key product installation of our equipment and site services throughout North America.

Reactive absorptive vent silencer | db Noise ReductionReactive absorptive muffler | db Noise Reduction
Finite element analysis (FEA) | db Noise Reduction


Design and fabrication - image 01Design and fabrication - image 02
Design and fabrication - image 03Design and fabrication - image 04


Shipment of rectangular intake silencers for the power generation industry.Quality control inspection of a cooler silencer for the petrochemical industry.
Site installation of a stack insert silencer.Site installation of a two section rectangular intake silencer onto an acoustical plenum.

Technology Transfer

dB Noise Reduction also offers full product design and support services to companies manufacturing silencers and noise control equipment outside of North America via technology transfer agreements.

Customer Service

Making sure our customers are pleased with the product and service we provide is a top priority for dB Noise Reduction. One of our very satisfied customers wrote us:

"... the Silencer your company designed and manufactured for our return-air has been installed and works great. We had a drop of 14 decibels (91dB to 77dB) which is night and day. We are currently doing a complete plant reconfiguration. One of the craftsmen who has worked in that area is quoted as saying, "This real-estate has become very valuable." Just thought I would let you and your team know."


Servicing clients in the US, Canada, Mexico, and many international locations worldwide.