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High volume fans and air handling units are used in large commercial, institutional and industrial buildings to provide treated air to the occupants and to remove exhaust air and fumes from the buildings. This can result in duct noise levels which exceed established standards and regulations. Inline duct silencers provide an effective means of reducing this noise.

Typical duct silencer applications

  • Supply and return ductwork
  • Fan plenums and air handling units
  • Terminal boxes and mixing boxes
  • Fume and smoke exhaust
  • Alternative to acoustically lined ducts

Duct silencer length, open area, and configuration are all determined by the noise control requirements and the design of the duct system. Our team is experienced in evaluating factors such as air volume and velocity, and will engineer duct silencer solutions to achieve all of the performance specifications on your project.

dB Noise Reduction benefits

  • Sizes custom designed to match the dimensions of connecting ductwork
  • No transitions or plenums required
  • Aerodynamic nose design and tapered tails to minimize pressure drop
  • Eleven (11) baffle configurations for more precise matching of duct silencers to applications
Galvanized rectangular duct silencer with slip fit connections.Various galvanized circular duct silencers.
Rectangular elbow duct silencer with integral flow control damper.Group of galvanized rectangular duct silencers with flanged connections.
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