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Ventilation systems are essential in controlling the air quality in today's commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. They are also important in regulating the environment around industrial equipment in closed systems. Unfortunately, ventilation systems also produce and convey noise, violating worker health and safety, and environmental noise regulations.

dB Noise Reduction offers ventilation silencers in a variety of sizes and configurations. Every one is designed to meet the noise reduction needs of its specific ventilation application.

Ventilation silencer types

  • Intake and discharge silencers to control noise from building openings, equipment enclosures and plenum systems
  • Duct silencers to attenuate airborne noise in HVAC duct systems from ventilating fans and equipment
  • Acoustic louvers for moderate noise attenuation on low velocity/large area building, enclosure and plenum openings

The dB Noise Reduction advantage

  • Ventilation silencers selected and installed to work most effectively with your system
  • Custom sized to fit your equipment, while meeting your challenges and noise control requirements
  • Ventilation silencers developed to meet the highest manufacturing standards and deliver lasting performance
  • Superior flexibility with a wider range of noise reduction levels, options and configurations to meet every need
Building ventilation silencer with integral flow control damper.Rectangular ventilation silencers with attached flow control dampers.
Roof mounted ventilation silencer with integral cowl and flow control dampers.Custom designed roof exhaust system with integral silencers.
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Ventilation silencers


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