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The venting of high pressure steam to atmosphere during plant operations often leads to unacceptably high noise levels. This can be a result of:

  • Steam safety relief valve discharge
  • Dumping of steam during boiler startup
  • Depressurization of steam lines for system maintenance
  • Steam ejector discharge and exhaust

dB Noise Reduction steam silencers control sound through a reactive-absorptive process, which provides good attenuation across all octave frequency bands.

The specification of the proper steam silencer for a given application is based a number of factors.

  • Noise reduction requirements
  • Selection of the appropriate silencer sizing relative to the steam flow
  • Most cost effective approach to meet needs
  • Durability and performance for the given application environment

As the noise reduction specialist, we are able to assess and meet your steam silencer needs. Our experts can also evaluate your entire operation and design a noise reduction system suited to meet all of your requirements.

Download our Vent Silencer Data Form. You can fill it out and send it back to us for a quick quote.

Truckload of steam vent silencers for boiler blowdown.Steam vent silencer for the power generation industry.
Steam vent silencer for a steam pressure relief line.Steam vent silencer for process steam discharge.
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The dB Noise Reduction team has extensive experience in engineering solutions for a variety of steam silencer applications. Contact us to discuss your noise reduction needs.


Vent silencers

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