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The blowdown of natural gas systems must typically be done quickly in a very short time span during maintenance operations on pipelines. This often produces noise readings well above tolerable levels. This noise is the product of two phenomena:

  • Shock noise - the instantaneous loss of pressure across a choked flow device
  • Turbulent mixing - the ripping of the air as the vent gas decelerates to zero velocity during discharge to atmosphere

Natural gas silencers control blowdown noise through a reactive-absorptive process, which provides good attenuation across all octave frequency bands. The selection and design of natural gas silencers is dependent on the following application specific factors.

  • Noise attenuation requirements
  • Evaluation of natural gas flow
  • Blowdown time limits
  • Most cost effective approach to meet needs
  • Durability and performance for the given application environment

The specialists at dB Noise Reduction will develop the natural gas silencers to meet the needs and specifications of your application.

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Natural gas vent silencer for the petrochemical industry.Several natural gas vent silencers loaded on a truck for shipping.
Natural gas vent silencer loaded on a truck for shipping.Multi-section natural gas vent silencer for the petrochemical industry.
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