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High pressure gases being vented to atmosphere result in some of the highest noise levels in industry. Vent silencers are essential in keeping this noise at a manageable level, avoiding a hazardous work environment as well as regulatory safety violations.

dB Noise Reduction offers vent silencers for vent and blow down applications in a host of industries. Our vent silencers can be used to reduce the noise generated by pressurized steam, natural gas, carbon dioxide, as well as other gases, including pressurized air. The most common applications are for:

dB Noise Reduction offers:

  • Solutions tailored to meet your application needs and to work with your venting systems
  • Silencer features including reactive chambers, single or multiple inlets, absorptive acoustically developed liners and center bullets
  • Designs for both continuous and intermittent venting of high velocity gases under extreme temperatures and pressures
  • Materials of construction include carbon and stainless steel for peak performance in demanding environments
  • Effective vent silencer designs to control noise levels in virtually any application

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One segment of a multi-section natural gas vent silencer.Steam vent silencer with outlet flange for cowl mounting.
Group of natural gas vent silencers ready for shipping.Multi-section natural gas vent silencer for the petrochemical industry.
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Vent silencers

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