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In all environments it is essential to keep noise at a level that is both safe and healthy for everyone in the area. Gas turbine silencers from dB Noise Reduction provide the ideal solution to keeping noise at a manageable level, while maintaining the operating efficiency of your turbine intake system.

dB Noise Reduction provides standard and custom gas turbine silencers to control noise pollution in the most challenging applications. Our gas turbine silencers are manufactured in any construction gauge, and in a variety of materials:

  • Carbon steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Other steels

Gas turbine silencers from dB Noise Reduction are welded in accordance with AWS and CWB certified welding procedures, ensuring clean, strong joints, meeting the specifications necessary for the sensitive turbine environments. Custom sized straight through rectangular silencers, as well as elbow silencers are available for situations where there is very little available space for noise attenuation.

dB Noise Reduction benefits

  • Custom configurations with low approach velocities for effective noise control
  • Aerodynamically designed acoustic baffles for lower pressure drops
  • Eleven (11) baffle configurations for more precise matching of acoustic requirements
Turbine intake silencers
Generator cooling silencer system
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At dB Noise Reduction, we can help you assess and meet your gas turbine silencer needs. Our engineers can also develop an entire silencer solution suited to your equipment. Contact us to discuss your noise reduction requirements.


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