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dB Noise Reduction offers intake systems for gas turbines that are
custom designed to meet the exact requirements of the project


The function of a turbine intake system is to provide filtered, clean air to the turbine at a pressure drop within acceptable system operating parameters. They also provide the necessary noise reduction to ensure that the system meets environmental noise, as well as, health and safety guidelines.

dB Noise Reduction gas turbine intake systems feature heavy gauge carbon, galvanized and stainless steel materials, and custom paint systems ideally suited to the gas turbine industry. Our intake systems also feature:

  • Systems designed without transitions to match equipment, minimizing pressure drop
  • MIG and TIG welding in accordance to AWS and CWB welding procedures
  • Special designs to suit situations where very little space is available

dB Noise Reduction works with the major filtration manufacturers to integrate the appropriate turbine filtration into intake systems to meet your specifications, however difficult they are. We then add our proven gas turbine silencers to the intake system to meet the noise reduction requirements on the project.

We also work with industry experts in anti-icing, fogging and evaporative cooling technology to bring the most innovative solutions possible into play on your gas turbine intake systems.

dB Noise Reduction system design approach:

  • Filtration and silencing (straight & elbowed)
  • Anti-icing, fogging and evaporative cooling
  • Duct system design and supply
  • Acoustic expansion joints
  • Structural steel, ladders and catwalks
Large gas turbine intake cowl and silencer systemA collection of turbine intake cowls and silencers
Generator cooling silencer systemTurbine and generator cooling silencers and acoustic enclosures being installed at a co-generation plant
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At dB Noise Reduction we have the resources needed to address all of the elements of design in your turbine intake system. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.


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