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Circular PTFE flexible connections - Model 525 and 526 industrial grade, all welded construction - dB Noise Reduction



  • Fan inlets and outlets
  • Pressure blower inlets and outlets
  • Scrubber inlets and outlets
  • Stack inlets
  • Exhaust connections on engines
  • Process ductwork

Model 525 circular PTFE
flexible connections

  • Tough, 30 mil, 32 oz/sq.yd, PTFE flex membrane resistant to virtually all chemical fumes and capable of operating up to 575° F
  • Good for airstream flows to 6,000 fpm and pressures from -30" wg to +120" wg
  • All welded, matched and drilled flanges
  • Backing bars fastened in place with zinc plated hardware

Model 526 circular PTFE
flexible connections

  • Identical construction to Model 525 flexible connections, with an aerodynamically designed, protective metal flow liner
  • Good for airstream flows over 6,000 fpm and pressures from -120" wg to +120" wg (with a flow liner)
  • Double deflectors are also available for extra flow protection and noise reduction

Design options

  • Flexible connections incorporating a special PTFE flex membrane with an insulated laminate for temperatures to 750° F
  • Customized thermal/pillowed flexible connections for temperatures over 750° F


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Circular PTFE flexible connections

Circular PTFE flexible connections - features - dB Noise Reduction   Circular PTFE flexible connections - detail - dB Noise Reduction

Circular PTFE flexible connections features - dB Noise Reduction

Product details

Operating temperatures:

Up to 575° F (standard)
Up to 750° F (laminate design)
Over 750° F (pillowed design)


Up to 6,000 fpm (Model 525)
Over 6,000 fpm (Model 526)


-30" wg to +120" wg (Model 525)
-120" wg to +120" wg (Model 526)


From 12" ID to 120" ID (standard)
Larger sizes available

Flange-to-flange length:

8" for flanges less than 4"
10" for flanges 4" and larger

Lateral and axial movement:

+/- 0.5"

Unit weight:

Up to 600 lbs (standard sizes)


Carbon steel flanges, backing bars and flow liner
(if supplied), zinc plated backing bar hardware
and PTFE flex membrane

Stainless steel flanges, backing bars, flow liners
and hardware available

Galvanized construction also available

Paint finishes:

Alkyd, enamel, high heat, inorganic zinc, epoxy
and polyurethane

For other customized flexible connection designs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Servicing clients in the US, Canada, Mexico, and many international locations worldwide.