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Reactive mufflers - Model 333 industrial grade, all welded construction - dB Noise Reduction



  • The standard exhaust muffler for use on all internal combustion engines
  • Intake and exhaust silencers on PD blowers operating below their critical speed
  • Intake and exhaust silencers on reciprocating compressors
  • Other applications where low frequency noise control is needed

Design features

  • Four multi-chamber reactive muffler designs are available; Types A, B, C and D (equivalent to Industrial, Residential, Critical and Hospital grades)
  • Tuned reactive chambers and perforated tubes to remove low frequency pulsations and noise
  • End intake and exhaust, as well as side intake and exhaust connections available


  • Mounting brackets, support legs, saddles and feet for muffler installation
  • Tail pipes, rain cowls and caps
  • Access panels for inspection of internals
  • Companion flanges and expansion joints

For other customized muffler designs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Reactive muffler features

Reactive muffler features - image - dB Noise Reduction

Product details


Up to 60,000 acfm (standard)


Up to 120" wg


Up to 1,200° F


From 3" ID to 30" ID (standard)
Larger diameters available

Unit weight:

Up to 25,000 lbs


Carbon, stainless and corten steels


12 ga to 3/8" casings with 12 ga internals
designed for thermal expansion

Paint finishes:

High heat aluminum or black, as well as a
variety of low temperature paints

For other customized muffler designs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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