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Circular silencers - Model 213 and 223 industrial grade, all welded construction - dB Noise Reduction



  • Fan inlet and outlet silencers
  • Pressure blower silencers
  • Intake silencers on engines
  • Exhaust stack silencers
  • Ventilation intake and discharge silencers
  • HVAC duct silencers

Model 213 silencers

  • Straight through circular silencers with acoustic liner, but without a center bullet
  • No obstructions in the airstream
  • Good for smaller diameter connections and when low pressure drop and economy are priorities

Model 223 silencers

  • Circular silencers with acoustic liner and a center bullet when substantial noise reductions are required
  • Aerodynamically designed for maximum attenuation with minimum pressure drop
  • When used on inline axial fans, we can fine tune the center bullet so that it matches the fan hub diameter, reducing pressure drop by as much as 50%


  • Galvanized and stainless steel mesh bird, insect and safety screens
  • Drilled flanges matched to the connecting equipment or ductwork
  • Mounting brackets, support legs, saddles and feet for silencer installation
  • Access panels and doors for inspection of internals
  • Variety of fabric, film and mesh baffle liners available for different types of service
  • Pressure and flow measurement devices including pressure taps, rings and piezometer tubes
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Circular silencer features

Circular silencer features - image - dB Noise Reduction

Alternative construction - Model 212 and 222, standard grade, sheet metal silencers

Design options

  • Cleanable and removable liner/bullet designs for dirty applications
  • Tapered transition/evase silencers for use on axial flow fans and for attenuation in restricted spaces
  • Insert silencers (liner, bullet and support structure, without casing) for installation in pre-existing ductwork and stacks

Product details


Up to 500,000 acfm


Up to 120" wg


Up to 250° F (standard)
Up to 1,200° F (special)


From 6" ID X 24" long
to 120" ID X 240" long

Unit weight:

Up to 25,000 lbs


Carbon, galvanized and stainless steels,
aluminum, special alloys, high temperature
steels, FRP and PVC


16 ga to 3/8" welded casings with 18 ga
acoustic liners and center bullets

Paint finishes:

Alkyd, enamel, high heat, inorganic zinc,
epoxy and polyurethane

For other customized silencer designs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Servicing clients in the US, Canada, Mexico, and many international locations worldwide.