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Acoustic louvers - Model 142 standard grade construction - dB Noise Reduction



  • For moderate noise attenuation on low velocity/large area building, enclosure and plenum openings


  • Designed to reduce noise while minimizing the ingress of water
  • Well suited to applications where space is limited, making the use of standard silencers impractical
  • Low face velocities ensure minimum pressure drop

Accessories and design options

  • Mounting flange for surface mounting
  • Galvanized and stainless steel mesh bird, insect and safety screens
  • Chevron designs available
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Acoustic louver features

Acoustic louver features - front view   Absorptive muffler bullet details

Acoustic louver features - front view - image - dB Noise Reduction

Product details


Up to 500 acfm/ft2

Pressure Drop:

0.5" wg maximum


Up to 250° F

Model depths:

6", 12" and 24"


From 12" X 12" to 96" X 96" (one piece)

Unit weight:

1,000 lbs maximum


Mill galvanized (standard). Stainless steels
and aluminum available


20 ga to 16 ga lock formed casings with
22 ga acoustic baffles

Paint finishes:

Alkyd and enamel finishes available

For other customized acoustic louver designs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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