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Stack silencers are essential in controlling noise produced in industrial stack exhaust systems. dB Noise Reduction offers a variety of stack silencer designs for new stack installations, as well as for retrofit on existing stack systems.

Every stack silencer is custom designed for the application taking the following design factors into consideration.

  • Acoustic targets
  • Flow requirements
  • Pressure drop
  • Temperature
  • Discharge velocity
  • Particulate loading
  • Structural integrity

dB Noise Reduction stack silencers can be supplied as stack inserts for quick installation, integrated into the base of stacks or attached to the top of stacks. They can be provided with or without casings, or in kit form for site assembly on very large diameter systems.

A variety of material options (including alloy steels, FRP and CPVC) and fabric, film and mesh baffle liners are available for abrasive and corrosive service. Also, a number of cleanable and removable liner/bullet designs are available for dirty applications, as well as high temperature designs.

Roof Mounted Circular Stack Silencer.Circular Stack Insert Silencer Being Assembled In Brazil.
Circular Stack Silencers Being Loaded For Shipping.Circular Stack Insert Silencers Being Loaded For Shipping.
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Stack silencers


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