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The fans on TEFC motors can often result in noise levels approaching 95 dBA, which is considered unacceptable in most industrial settings.

dB Noise Reduction offers an elbow type motor silencer employing aerodynamically designed long radius elbow baffles (CR = 0.5) for maximum attenuation and minimum pressure drop. Motor silencer connections are selected to exactly fit the motor fan inlet diameter and the internal silencer area is matched to the connection area so that there are no changes in air velocity.

The noise reduction for this line of motor silencers is between 15 dBA and 35 dBA for standard sized. Higher noise reduction levels are available.

Motor silencer accessories

  • Acoustic inlet covers
  • Inlet screens
  • Support legs
  • Inspection panels
Motor inlet box silencer.Motor intake silencer.
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Motor silencers



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