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dB Noise Reduction will evaluate the configuration of your compressor, noise level requirements, temperature limits, pressure rating and overall system in selecting the proper compressor silencer for the job.

Our compressor silencers offer:

  • Maximum sound absorption
  • Minimal airflow restriction and pressure drop
  • Noise attenuation to meet application needs

Reciprocating compressors exhibited destructive low frequency pressure pulsations and noise. Therefore, in most cases, it is essential to use a reactive inlet compressor silencer to dissipate the pulse energy. If high mid-to-upper band noise is also a problem, then a reactive-absorptive compressor silencer should be used to address both concerns.

When noise radiating from downstream piping is a problem on reciprocating compressors, reactive or reactive-absorptive discharge compressor silencers will be necessary as well.

For centrifugal compressors, impellor blade passage frequency is usually the noise concern requiring treatment. Absorptive silencers are usually the right silencer for the job for open inlet and discharge silencers on centrifugal compressors. However, when low frequency noise is also a problem, reactive-absorptive silencers may be appropriate solution.

Compressor intake silencer.Compressor inlet silencer.
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Compressor silencers


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