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Industrial blowers vary greatly in terms of size and speed. To be effective, a PD (positive displacement) blower silencer must:

  • Be properly matched to the blower size and type being used
  • Work in concert with the entire process
  • Meet all application requirements

PD blowers are prone to destructive low frequency pulse generated noise. Often, they can also have high mid-to-upper band noise levels. In many cases this means that blower silencers are necessary on both the open air inlets and pressurized discharges of PD blowers.

When blower pitch line velocity (PLV) is below the blower's critical speed, low frequency noise tends to dominate and a reactive blower silencer is probably the right choice. If the blower's PLV is above its critical speed, then a reactive-absorptive silencer should be used due to the presence of high mid-to-upper band noise, as well as low frequency pulses.

Centrifugal blowers do not experience low frequency pressure pulses. As a result, absorptive blower silencers are best suited for these types of blowers.

Positive displacement blower inlet silencers.Two PD blower discharge silencers.
Assortment of PD blower discharge silencers.Positive displacement blower outlet silencer.
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PD blower silencers


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