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dB Noise Reduction offers industrial silencer designs to meet your most
demanding PD blower, compressor, stack and motor silencer needs


PD (positive displacement) blowers, compressors, stack exhaust systems and large motors are leading causes of noise problems in industry today. If left unaddressed, these problems can lead to worker health and safety concerns, as well as environmental regulation violations.

The dB Noise Reduction team is here to help you with innovative and effective solutions for noise control, including a full line of absorptive and reactive industrial silencers.

  • PD blower silencers to control intake and discharge noise on rotary and screw type PD blowers
  • Compressor silencers to attenuate intake and discharge noise on reciprocating and centrifugal compressors
  • Stack silencers for attenuation of noise on a large variety of stack exhaust applications
  • Motor silencers for reducing the noise generated by TEFC electric motors

Why use dB Noise Reduction

  • Your industrial silencers are designed to work seamlessly with your process and equipment
  • Engineered for optimal performance to meet your needs and specifications
  • Industrial silencers are manufactured in accordance with your requirements
  • dB Noise Reduction offers a broad range of industrial silencer sizes, options and configurations
Motor silencers loaded onto a truck.Circular stack silencer for engine exhaust.
Stack insert silencer installed in a stack in Brazil.Positive displacement blower silencers.
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