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Reciprocating engines are widely used in industry in applications ranging from power generation, gas transmission and storage, to marine and manufacturing processes. Exhaust is the primary noise source on these types of engines. Reactive mufflers are most often used for this service; however reactive-absorptive mufflers are a good alternative when high noise attenuation is required.

The second noise source to consider is the engine's air intake. Here, absorptive mufflers are usually the right choice. dB Noise Reduction mufflers are designed for high temperature, high velocity engine service, with the acoustic noise ratings you need to be in compliance with regulatory noise requirements.

Application specific engine and operating conditions require the correct combination of muffler properties for the best results. The right engine muffler selection is determined by:

  • The type, size and end use of the engine
  • The degree of silencing required
  • Flow and temperature conditions
  • Application requirements

The dB Noise reduction team will evaluate your application, and design the engine muffler solution to meet your specific needs.

Circular engine exhaust muffler with integral whistle cowl.Circular engine muffler being loaded on a truck by a crane.
Several circular engine exhaust absorptive and reactive mufflers.A truck full of circular absorptive and reactive engine mufflers.
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