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dB Noise Reduction works with you to design and implement the
right solution for your industrial muffler application


Many equipment sources within industry generate excessive exhaust noise emissions. In order to keep work areas safe from dangerously high noise levels, proper noise attenuation measures are necessary. Not only does noise control make work environments safer, it also keeps operations in compliance with health and safety regulations.

dB Noise Reduction offers a wide selection of industrial mufflers and engine mufflers to control the excessive noise generated by engines, turbines, compressors and blowers.

Depending on equipment configuration, industrial mufflers can be applied for intake and/or exhaust noise control. Every application requires a unique solution based on flow rate, temperature, allowable pressure drop and attenuation required.

The dB Noise Reduction advantage

  • We evaluate your application to identify your specific needs
  • Your muffler is selected and designed to work ideally with your equipment and within your environment
  • Certified materials, welding procedures and welders ensure quality product fabrication
Diesel generator exhaust mufflers.Gas turbine exhaust muffler.
Industrial mufflers installed at a power generation facility.Natural gas compressor exhaust mufflers for the petrochemical industry.
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