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Systems exposed to excessive vibration and/or temperature changes may require PTFE flexible connections (also referred to as expansion joints) when corrosive gases are involved. PTFE flex media (polytetrafluoroethylene or TEFLON) stands up to these corrosion gases while eliminating destructive system stresses.

The chemically inert properties of dB Noise Reduction PTFE flexible connections make them resistant to virtually all chemical fumes. This makes them ideal for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as any process where corrosive fumes are present.

The material used in dB Noise Reduction PTFE flexible connections is a composite PTFE-coated fiberglass with PTFE film laminated to both sides. This results in a tough 30 mil, 32 oz/sq.yd membrane which can withstand operating pressure to +/- 120" wg.

The dB Noise Reduction advantage

  • Sizes custom designed to match the dimensions of connecting equipment and ductwork
  • All flanges and back bars are provided with each flexible connection to make for easy installation
  • Optional flow liners are available for high velocity/pressure and abrasive applications
  • Heavy duty EPDM, high temperature and acoustic designs also available
PTFE rectangular flexible connectionsSeveral galvanized rectangular PTFE flexible connections
A stack of galvanized rectangular PTFE flexible connectionsA number of PTFE rectangular flexible connections
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PTFE flexible connections


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