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Equipment systems are subject to continual expansion or movement caused by excessive vibration and temperature changes. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) flexible connections (also referred to as expansion joints) allow systems to withstand these dynamic stresses without damage or compromise.

The EPDM advantages

  • Rugged, 1/8" thick, heavy duty construction designed for industrial applications
  • Composite, layered flex media with internal nylon scrim for superior tear strength
  • Resistance to ozone and UV exposure, and cold cracking makes it ideal for outdoor use

dB Noise Reduction offers EPDM flexible connections for air handling equipment, fans, blowers, compressors, engines, process ducting and HVAC systems - all custom designed for the application at hand. dB Noise Reduction benefits include:

  • Sizes custom designed to match the dimensions of connecting equipment and ductwork
  • All flanges and back bars are provided with each flexible connection to make for easy installation
  • Optional flow liners are available for high velocity/pressure and abrasive applications
  • Corrosion resistant PTFE, high temperature and acoustic designs also available
EPDM flexible connections loaded on a truck.EPDM flexible connections.
Several EPDM flexible connections.Stainless steel EPDM flexible connections.
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EPDM flexible connections


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