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dB Noise Reduction is your source for flexible connections and expansion
joints, as well as innovative and effective noise control solutions


Equipment, ductwork and structures are subject to cyclic stresses caused by temperature changes, airflow turbulence and excessive vibration. Flexible connections (also referred to as expansion joints) absorb vibration and other types of motion that can lead to component failures.

dB Noise Reduction offers a broad range of flexible connections, designed to protect equipment, ductwork and structures from destructive stresses. Every one is specifically designed for the application at hand. Our line of products includes:

dB Noise Reduction offers:

  • Solutions developed to meet your specific equipment and system needs, taking all conditions into consideration
  • Flexible connections custom sized to fit your system, without the need for adjusting existing equipment
  • Quality fabrication using high performance flexible and absorptive materials manufactured in North America
  • A wide range of flexible connections for effective and efficient performance in virtually any system
Rectangular flexible connections.Rectangular PTFE flexible connections.
Rectangular PTFE flexible connections loaded on a truck.Rectangular acoustic flexible connections.
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