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Frequently asked questions - dB Noise Reduction


Acoustic fundamentals:

What is sound?

What is noise?

What is noise reduction?

What is sound pressure?

What is sound power?

What is sound frequency?

What is a decibel?

What is the difference between dB and dBA?

What is a "Sabin"?

What is sound absorption?

What is the absorption coefficient?

How does distance relate to noise level?

What is dynamic insertion loss (DIL)?

What is a noise reduction coefficient (NRC)?

What are transmission losses?

What is a sound transmission class (STC)?

What is breakout noise?

What is self generated noise?

What is the near field?

What is the far field?

What does the term "free field" mean?

What does the expression "Flanking Noise" mean?

What is pressure drop?


All about silencers:

What is a silencer?

Why do I need a silencer?

Aren't silencers only used on large fans?

What type of silencer do I need?

What are reactive silencers/mufflers?

What are absorptive silencers/mufflers?

Can reactive and absorptive silencers/mufflers be combined?

How loud can my equipment be before I require a silencer?

What size silencer do I need?

Do I need a standard or heavy duty silencer?

Do silencers have to be designed for their specific application?

What information do I need to get a silencer sized for my particular application?

What connection types do you offer?

Will you match my flange hole pattern?

How much maintenance do silencers require?

What is the average equipment life of a silencer?


What we offer:

Why choose dB Noise Reduction?

Do you provide turnkey noise solutions?

What are your design and construction capabilities?

Is dB Noise Reduction AWS/CWB certified?

Do you subcontract your silencer fabrication?

What paint systems are available?

Will dB Noise Reduction follow my company's quality control procedures?

Are you able to ship internationally?

What is the typical turnaround time for custom orders?

Do you install the products you manufacture?

Do you guarantee your pressure drops and noise reduction levels?

What sort of warranty do you offer?


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