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Fan outlet silencers - dB Noise Reduction


Industrial fans move large amounts of air and other gases, often at high pressures, temperatures and velocities. The noise generated can be significant, and often problematic at the fan's blade passage frequency. Fan outlet silencers are essential in controlling this type of noise.

The dB Noise Reduction line of equipment includes outlet silencers for a broad range of fans and applications. Features include:

  • Special configurations to minimize pressure drop on high velocity fan discharges
  • Floating baffle designs to accommodate high temperature thermal expansion
  • Cleanable/replaceable baffle silencers for dirty gas applications
  • Corrosive resistant materials and PTFE liners for corrosive gas streams

dB Noise Reduction has the fan outlet silencer to meet your needs, or we can develop and implement your complete noise control solution. Contact us to discuss your specific application.

Rectangular fan outlet silencers for mine ventilation.Galvanized circular outlet fan silencer.
Rectangular fan outlet silencer for a petroleum refinery.Rectangular outlet fan silencers with mounting brackets.
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Fan outlet silencers

Centrifugal fan outlet

Centrifugal fan - rectangular outlet silencer
Centrifugal fan - rectangular elbow outlet silencer
Centrifugal fan - circular outlet silencer

Inline axial/centrifugal fan

Horizontal inline axial rectangular inlet/outlet silencer
Horizontal inline axial elbow inlet/outlet silencer
Horizontal inline axial circular inlet/outlet silencer

Propeller fan

Propeller fan rectangular inlet/outlet silencer
Propeller fan elbow inlet/outlet silencer

Roof exhauster

Vertical roof exhauster with a circular outlet silencer


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