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dB Noise Reduction provides industrial fan baffles for internation project.


Worldwide growth and development has meant an increasing number of international industrial projects. In order to compete in this global arena, manufacturers must not only provide a better product, they must also demonstrate an ability to successfully manage the complicated logistics concerns that accompany these projects. Recently, dB Noise Reduction® was selected to provide the noise reduction component in a truly international project.


An aluminum smelting plant located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was in need of a system to exhaust hot fumes from the various smelting operations housed in its facility. An air quality control company in Norway was commissioned to design a system that would accommodate the plant's air movement needs taking into consideration for adequate pollution control and noise control.


The Norwegian air quality control company developed a system using blowers provided by fan manufacturer in Quebec, Canada. Having worked with dB Noise Reduction® (dBNR) on previous international projects, the fan company selected dB Noise Reduction® to provide the silencers necessary to meet the project needs.

The designed system would require 12 giant blowers, as well as silencer system to reduce environmental noise emission at the required levels not exceeding 103 dBA per fan, with casing breakout noise not exceeding at 70dBA and pressure drop for the fans not exceeding 212.34 m3/s1. In addition to knowing that dB Noise Reduction® would provide quality silencers for the project, the dBNR team was chosen for their demonstrated ability in managing the logistics side of international projects.

The challenge in this project was that the assembly of the system needed to take place on-site, in the UAE. The dBNR team needed to develop a design for the system of silencer baffles that would be compliant with UAE standards using materials available in the UAE. Detailed manufacturing plans as well as materials unavailable in the UAE, such as fiberglass insulation, were provided by dB Noise Reduction® for the UAE assembly. Arrangements for the shipment of the baffles from the dBNR plant in Mexico to the UAE was facilitated by dB Noise Reduction®, including procurement of the required ISO containers.

massive fan silencer baffles for international project
industrial silencer baffles for international smelting plant


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The required fabrication schedule was established and administered by dB Noise Reduction® including inspection and test plans. The tight delivery schedule included a liquidated damages penalty, which was avoided with the timely completion of the project.

The dB Noise Reduction difference:

dB Noise Reduction's outstanding logistics capabilities makes us the ideal manufacturer of noise control solutions for international projects. Our dedication to quality, efficiency, exceptional engineering and design allows us to effectively compete in global markets. The dB Noise Reduction® team was able to manage this international project successfully despite strict requirements and schedules.


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