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Turnkey replacement of a failed third-party silencer on a nitrogen purge system - dB Noise Reduction



Global manufacturer utilizing an extremely large autoclave to produce large, critical components required for final assembly. In this case, the Autoclave is used cure materials with extreme heat and pressure for a prescribed period of time. To facilitate quick extraction of the material from the autoclave, the system is rapidly cooled with nitrogen. The nitrogen is then purged from the system producing a high level of harmful noise for a period of time.

The existing silencer system (from a different silencer manufacturer) did not provide a safe level of noise reduction for the duration of the purge process. The noise measured at the existing silencer was 125 dB - extremely loud and unsafe. Since the existing noise control system was ineffective, it needed to be replaced rapidly to coincide with the factory's tight production schedule.


The dB Noise Reduction team analyzed the problem. Challenges in design needed to factor the extreme noise levels, heat and pressure. The solution was dB Noise Reduction's Nois-eNvelope™ Enclosed Silencer Noise Control System, which removed the ineffective silencer from the system and installed a new silencer and enclosure around it to control the extreme noise produced by the nitrogen purge process. The resulting noise level was measured at 95 db - down 30 dB from the pre-existing 125 dB. Manufacturing was required in both our US and Canadian facilities; shipments had to be coordinated for installation over a holiday.

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dB Noise Reduction silencer system for a nitrogen purge system


The dB Noise Reduction difference:

After we had completed the project, the customer, who had been concerned because of the very tight installation schedule and the failure of the previous system, wrote to dB Noise Reduction:

"The silencer worked. The exhaust has run 3 times. It brought the (dB) level down from 125 to 95 when standing right next to it and is almost unnoticeable when outside. The crew did a great job with such a short window for installation."


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