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A long established nickel and copper mine was in need of extensive upgrades to bring its operations into compliance with current environmental regulations. The mining company needed a qualified source to provide engineering assistance and coordination through all phases of the upgrades. At the top of the list of potential improvements, was a retrofit for the noisy 140,000 ACFM mining ventilation system. After extensive internal discussions, a custom fan silencer system incorporated into a refurbished air intake building was selected as the optimal solution.

Since mining operations run twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, the noise levels from the mine ventilation system were an on-going problem for employees and nearby residents alike. Complicating the project was the condition of the existing ventilation enclosure, which was in need of extensive clean up, including the removal of hazardous material.

The dB Noise Reduction team worked with the mining company's acoustical consultant to develop a customized industrial silencer solution for the noisy 104 dBA axial fan currently in use. An integral part of the project included disassembly of the existing steel structure to remove corrugated asbestos paneling.

As noise reduction specialists with an engineering focus, dB Noise Reduction was uniquely qualified to engineer and coordinate all phases of this project, providing a complete turnkey solution.


The dB Noise Reduction team addressed all phases of the mine ventilation system upgrades through a number of phases that were completed over a twelve week period. The first step was to clean up the existing structural steel using a high pressure water blasting process. This avoided the need for environmentally harmful materials and eliminated the potential for dust and debris. Minimizing particulate was essential during this process, as the ventilation fan needed to remain in operation. Once the clean up process was complete, a protective paint was applied to the steel structure.

The next phase in the project included special precautions for the removal of the corrugated asbestos. This was the only part of the project during which the ventilation fan had to be temporarily halted, due to the potential for asbestos exposure.

Mine ventilation system - before
Mine ventilation system - after


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The dB Noise Reduction team coordinated the hazardous material removal with a certified removal team, who completed the job in less than one day. Following the excavation of the area, the newly cleaned and treated steel structure was enhanced with the installation of four modular fan intake silencers, two absorptive acoustic walls, and an absorptive acoustic roof.

The dB Noise Reduction difference:

The new fan silencer system designed, supplied and installed by the dB Noise Reduction team reduced the noise level from 104 dBA to 72 dBA, a 32 dBA reduction from the original noise level, and well below all applicable government noise regulations. Throughout the project, dB Noise Reduction coordinated all aspects of the mine ventilation system's upgrade, delivering to the client a complete and timely turnkey solution.


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