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A foundry operation was experiencing noise issues with a sixteen cartridge dust collector located within 100 feet of neighboring homes. Specifically, the dust collector was producing objectionable noise during night time hours, which disturbed the neighbors. It was also observed that the noise levels increased significantly when the collector was pulse cleaning.


Upon inspection, it was determined that the noise was coming from two major sources, the fan discharge and the pulsing or "back flush" cleaning of the filter media in the collector. The noise level at the fan discharge was 96 dBA, jumping to 101 dBA when the collector back flushed, resulting in a 70 dBA noise level at the property line.

In order to address the pulse cleaning noise, Systech, a company the foundry had previous experience with, suggested the installation of dB Noise Reduction silencers on the bleed solenoids and diaphragm valves, as well as an acoustic lining around the clean air plenum.

To address the noise produced by the fan discharge, the fan was fitted with an industrial grade fan silencer and acoustic flexible connections.

After all of the upgrades, the noise level was reduced by 31 dBA (44 dBA at the property line during night time pulse cleaning).

Noise reduction on dust collectors


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