Acoustic Louvers

What is an acoustic louver?

An acoustic louver is a shallow fixed blade air noise attenuator (a short, wide silencer). It typically has angled horizontal blades which assist in weather resistance and also in changing the direction of sound waves.

Acoustic Louvers are used for moderate noise attenuation on low velocity / large area buildings, enclosures and plenum openings.

They are composed of an outer metal shell with a perforated profile facing the noise source. The inside of the metal shell is filled with acoustic media to absorb the sound energy once it passes through the blade of the louver. They are designed to reduce noise while minimizing the ingress of water.


Louvers are well suited for applications where space is limited and the use of standard silencers is impractical.  They are able to fit in small areas due to their lack of depth but tend to be rather large in surface area. Acoustic Louvers are commonly used for building, enclosure, and room ventilation and HVAC systems.


Acoustic Louvers may come equipped with mounting flanges for surface mounting, galvanised and stainless steel mesh for bird, insect and safety screens or even chevron designs for greater noise attenuation.

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