Stopping the Noise Pollution of Self-Cleaning Filter Systems

While self-cleaning filter systems are great for avoiding clogs and pressure loss in filtration systems, these pneumatic pulse cleaning systems can cause another problem – noise pollution. A recent example of this is the case of a foundry operation located within 100 feet of a residential area. Noise from a sixteen cartridge dust collector was causing a neighborhood disturbance during night time operation. The noise problem was exacerbated by the pneumatic pulsing of the filter cleaning cycle.

In this situation, the noise level produced by the fan discharge was 96 dBA and 101 dBA. An industrial grade fan silencer and acoustic flexible connections developed by dB Noise Reduction provided effective noise suppression. To address the noise caused by the pulsing cleaning of the filter media in the collector, which was 70 dBA noise level reading at the property line, dB Noise Reduction installed silencers on the bleed solenoids and diaphragm valves, as well as an acoustic lining on the clean air plenum. Following installation of all of the new noise abatement equipment, the overall noise level was reduced by 31 dBA, with a 44 dBA level at the property line, during night time pulse cleaning.

The dB Noise Reduction team has extensive field experience in the analysis of noise control issues and the development of affordable and feasible solutions. We custom develop applications to seamlessly fit specific needs and goals. From acoustical evaluations to assess noise issues, to the manufacture of quality components, to the complete installation of all equipment, our specialists see projects through every step to completion.

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