International noise awareness dayNoise is unwanted sound. Noise doesn’t have to be loud to affect us – even very low noise levels can be annoying and bothersome (like fingernails dragged down a chalkboard). But on the opposite end, exposure to extremely high noise levels can cause immediate deafness and even death. In between very loud and very soft noise levels, people experience a corresponding range of problematic physiological and psychological conditions. Noise affects other living things as well – such as plants and animals. Extreme noise can even damage equipment and destroy structures.

For those people who have some form of hearing loss, it creates challenges and difficulties for them as well as their families. In children, diminished language and communications can result in lower academic achievement and fewer future job opportunities. Limited communications cause frustration, loneliness and isolation and is also now associated with the early onset of dementia and potential cognitive decline as we age.

Millions of people around the world live with the damaging effects of hearing loss. Globally the direct, indirect and societal costs are estimated to total more than $750 billion (in 2015 international dollars).

Although today we are learning to better manage hearing loss with technology, medical care, education and especially prevention, much of this advantage goes to developed, high-income countries.

As awareness increases about the societal costs and effects of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), we are also learning about the importance of protecting our hearing and the need to reduce environmental noise pollution whenever and wherever possible.

dB NOISE REDUCTION® has many products, systems and solutions for reducing environmental noise. We protect hearing, equipment and the environment from the damaging effects of noise.

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