Earth Day – A Spotlight on Noise Pollution

Earth day is a day dedicated to remembering the importance of keeping our planet healthy and clean.  In commemoration of this day we typically make promises to help the environment or make a positive change in our community. Commonly, these promises involve increasing recycling, reducing waste, properly disposing of e-waste, swapping to energy efficient light bulbs, planting a tree, and/or being conscious about energy consumption. These are all very important goals to commit to but other – more challenging- objectives have gained additional attention.

Noise pollution takes place when there is excessive noise or unpleasant sounds that may harm human, animal, or plant life. The main sources of outdoor noise are machines, equipment and transportation systems such as trains, motor vehicles and aircraft. As civilization expands into what used to be forests and as cities are more and more populated it’s becoming harder to maintain noise levels at an acceptable level.

You might think, how much can high noise levels really affect us? Excessive noise not only causes psychological problems but it also affects our physical well-being and can over time make us sick. [See: What Runs the World? STRESS] For example, the noise produced from a chain saw can cause permanent hearing damage in just one hour, while the sound of a jackhammer causes IMMEDIATE physical damage. This is why hearing protection is essential when exposed to noisy equipment and precautions need to be taken to control noise sources from producing excessive noise.

Can plant life also be affected by high noise levels? Absolutely! Birds will flock from those areas with high noise levels preventing pollination from occurring and limiting the spread of seeds. The effect cascades into the entire ecosystem changing our planet’s natural balance.

It is extremely important to protect our planet from excessive noise. dB Noise Reduction has committed to the goal of reducing noise pollution in our planet through the use our extensive line of noise reduction products and our Nois-eNvelope line of Architectural Environmental Noise Barrier and Noise Enclosure systems. Through the use of these products we can tackle an aspect of pollution that is often dismissed or deemed unimportant. |