A Sound Approach to Meeting Expanding Noise Control Needs

Demand for real estate has resulted in residential developments being pushed closer to industrial areas, thus, manufacturers must deal with environmental noise regulations. Maximum allowable noise levels for a plant are typically determined by the property line or the residences located closest to the plant. In order to address these issues, the first step is usually performing an evaluation that includes a thorough acoustical analysis. This diagnostic process will identify noise producing operations that exceed acceptable dBA levels.

dB Noise Reduction is qualified and experienced in the performance of acoustical evaluation. Once excessive noise sources are identified, our specialists go to work, engineering a noise abatement plan that manages every issue. We can also work with independent consulting companies to determine the best retrofit solutions for facilities and equipment. As a noise control specialist, we offer a broad range of silencer solutions to meet a vast array of needs. Through our manufacturing capabilities, extensive experience, and product knowledge, we are able to engineer custom solutions to meet specific requirements.

When developing truly custom noise control solutions we consider factors such as structural constraints, pressure drop limitations, and wind loads. Following the review and approval of both the client and the applicable regulatory agency, our specialist complete all designs, fabricate the components, and perform the installation of all equipment. A final acoustical analysis will verify that all noise issues have been addressed. Throughout every project, we work hard to stay on schedule and within budget, to meet all of the needs of our clients.

The dB Noise Reduction team understands that retrofits on noise abatement projects need to be focused and cost efficient. We strive to complete projects quickly, focusing on economy and streamlining efficiency. Our ability to accomplish this, while meeting regulatory requirements has led to our successful reputation. Contact us to discuss your noise control needs.