Extreme Silencer Applications

Silencers, Mufflers, Attenuators, Splitters, Baffles, Sound Traps – they are all similar but slightly different.

In general, these noise reduction devices are designed to reduce noise (unwanted sound) from within an air intake system or exhaust system (which could be exhausting air or a gas other than air).   Any such device that invades the airstream will invoke a pressure drop on the system, as it obstructs flow.

It is for this reason that these noise control devices require proper engineering to balance the required noise reduction against the allowable pressure drop within the system.  More extreme and critical applications, such as gas turbines, high temperatures/velocities/mass flow; airstream particulate and such require commensurately appropriate extreme engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Such is also the case with vent and blowdown silencers*.  These particular noise reduction devices are inherently pressure vessels, and must be precisely designed and manufactured to withstand extreme conditions.  The attention to detail and quality for critical internal components cannot be overlooked, since safety must always be the primary consideration when designing for these extreme conditions.

While specializing in extreme noise control engineering and systems, dB Noise Reduction is your source for all environmental, industrial, architectural and vibration isolation noise control systems.  dB Noise Reduction even has acoustic barrier and noise control enclosure panels up to 24’ long in a single span – the longest in the industry; offering superior labor savings and a monolithic appearance.

Please visit our website, or contact sales@dbnoisereduction.com for assistance with selecting the appropriate silencer or noise control system for your application.

Richard Anthony

*Source:  “A Practical Guide to the Specification and Selection of Vent and Blowdown Silencers” John E. Praskey, dB Noise Reduction, presented at INCE Inter.Noise 2015