WHY you really do need a professional Acoustical Consultant

A professional acoustical consultant can correctly analyze and solve noise problems – and avoid costly errors.  Sound often does not behave the way the math, science and common sense suggest it should.  These professionals understand the whole situation and how sound behaves; as well as the complex interactions that occur between different noise sources and conditions on site.  Their precise knowledge, along with relevant experience ensures that an appropriate solution is determined for the project.  They will generate either a product or performance-based specification.  Typically, several manufacturers will bid and are required to meet or exceed that specification.  Experienced acoustical consultants understand the importance of a good manufacturer with a solid, reliable reputation for providing quality products and solutions.  They expect to see (and hear/not hear) successful results.

In many jurisdictions, it is not only mandatory to engage the services of a professional acoustical consultant, but often another separate acoustical consultant must provide verified results post-installation.

Choose a professional acoustical consultant – because it just has to be done right.

NOTE:  dBNR is NOT an acoustical consulting firm; dBNR is the designer and manufacturer of products and systems specified by independent acoustical consultants.  dBNR recommends retaining the services of a professional acoustical consultant for direction in solving your noise problems on site.   


Thank you to our Richard Anthony for writing this article.