Updates to dB Noise Reduction’s Silencer Selection Web App

Following the development of dB Noise Reduction’s Silencer Selection Tool early this year, the team of experts have executed a number of updates to the web app to further improve the silencer selection process. This tool was designed to provide customers with the ability to quickly and easily select the proper silencer for their noise control requirements.  dB Noise Reduction listened to their customers and have implemented their suggestions through a number of updates to make this tool more efficient and increase the user experience.

New materials and more paint systems options were made available through the Silencer Selection Web App update as well as more options were added for selections. Additionally, the program was optimized to perform over 1,000 selections, every time you ask for a quote for the most economic silencer for the application, in less than a second. Through the additional selection options and the optimized calculation method, dBNR’s Silencer Selection tool provides a better user experience.

The updates were executed on both the rectangular and the circular silencer selection apps and are currently available to be used by our customers. The team at dB Noise Reduction is continuously working on innovation and customer service thus this Silencer Selection Web App, including the program update, is just the beginning of their success at providing a fast and simple way of ordering their high quality products.

To access the dB Noise Reductions Web Apps, please visit www.dbnoisereduction.com and click on the “Web App” button on the navigation bar or follow the link: www.dbnoisereduction.com/web-app.php.