“Silencer Selection Web App”, a new addition to the dB Noise Reduction website

We have added a new tool to our website that provides our customers with the ability to easily select the correct silencer for their noise control requirements. The silencer selection tool was designed to provide customers with a quick and easy process that will facilitate their silencer selection.

This new selection program allows customers to obtain a quote on the most cost effective and efficient silencer that will meet their requirements with a simple input screen. The App requires some basic information about the intended silencer, such as orientation, connection, target noise level, etc…This will provide the customer with a listing of silencer options and detailed information, including pricing, regarding each alternative. Once the ideal silencer has been selected, customers can contact the dB Noise Reduction sales team directly from the silencer selection tool page.

The silencer selection tool is currently available for circular and rectangular silencers and is the first of many software sets. “This project is an ongoing development process that will eventually include all of our products.” said President of dB Noise Reduction, John Praskey. The goal is to provide the best service to customers by providing a fast and simple tool to order quality products. The next undertaking will be the addition of vent silencers to the new tool.

To access the dB Noise Reductions Web Apps, please visit www.dbnoisereduction.com and click on the “Web App” button on the navigation bar or follow the link: www.dbnoisereduction.com/web-app.php.

The dB Noise Reduction team announces the addition of two new members.

dB Noise Reduction is proud to announce the addition of two new members: Richard Anthony and Mehrzad Salkhordeh. Each possessing almost two decades of experience in the Noise Control Industry, both are well known and make a great addition to the team. Together, Richard and Mehrzad are expected to increase dBNR’s market reach and further increase the sales of the company.

Richard Anthony is the new Director of business development at dB Noise Reduction. Located at the sales office in Columbus, OH, his focus in this position is on marketing, technical sales and developing key accounts. He is the ideal candidate as he is equipped with over two decades of experience in international sales and operations in an executive capacity and has been in the acoustics and noise control field for eighteen years.

Mehrzad Salkhordeh is joining the team also as Director of business development at dB Noise Reduction. With 16 years of experience in the acoustics and Noise Control Industry he will be joining the Cambridge, ON sales office. With strengths in manufacturing and technical sales, engineering and operations, Mehrzad is an agile thinker with a tactical approach to solutions.

Richard can be reached at 519-651-3330 ext 236, ranthony@dbnoisereduction.com. Mehrzad can be reached at 519-651-3330 ext 220, mehrzad@dbnoisereduction.com.

Welcome to dB Noise Reduction, Richard and Mehrzad.